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So, how much does it cost to make an app?

This is the first thing that enters our minds when we think about developing an app. But unfortunately, there is no definite value for this as usually the response to this question is “It Depends”

The reason behind that is until you have a definite description of the requirements of the application, it is nearly impossible to evaluate the app development cost. Hence you need to keep several factors in mind while thinking about developing an application to have an exact cost.

However, since we’ve been working in this industry for a very long time, we have listed the factors that we consider when evaluating the app development cost. See below:

What Factors Dominate The App Development Cost?

Apart from the development time and the developers’ cost, multiple factors regulate the overall app development cost. Determining the complexity of the application, pre and post app development activities, an expert team, etc. all contribute when determining the actual cost of the application.

App Development Team

The development team of the application plays a prominent role in driving the app development cost. The resources you will use, whether internal or external will regulate the app development cost. However, at Capocode, we provide app development services in four stages that include: Roadmap, Designing, Development, and Marketing which helps to optimize the cost.


App Platform

With the increasing number of platforms available in the market it has become more difficult to choose which platform will be best to develop the application upon. You can develop applications for Smartphones (Android or iOS), Messengers, IoT products, virtual reality, etc. Hence the development of an application for all these platforms will require different approaches respectively depending upon the platform you will choose. If you choose to develop a mobile application for android or iOS you will still find many differences. The platform you choose will affect the mobile app development cost.

How To Choose Development Services For Your App Idea?

There are two options, either you connect with a mobile app development company or with a freelance developer. You will have a completely different experience between the two as they both will vary in workflow. This will be your call to pick the best development team for your app that can deliver efficient performance. You can filter your needs based on your requirements to get the best one.

Native vs Hybrid Apps

Along with choosing your platform you will also need to determine whether you will build a native or hybrid application. An application developed using the Native framework ensures smooth and efficient performance. These applications are developed for specific platforms and can be easily integrated with the hardware which helps the developer to optimize the application. While hybrid applications can be deployed on multiple platforms and require less development time. These applications are mostly web-apps that are being developed within a native shell. Hence the app development cost will be low in comparison to native apps. But it will be more efficient to use Native platforms if you are seeking to develop applications for advanced technologies like Virtual Reality.

App Backend & API

Every single application requires a backend to host and store the content of the application. No app project is complete without making a connection between the app and the backend which will eventually require an API built upon a Cloud-based server like Azure or AWS. APIs will always be required when you update a data source within the application. Since building APIs along with the development of the app can increase the development cost, it’s better to build APIs early on in the process to reduce the development time as well.


Customer engagement is the basic term that comes to mind when we discuss the designing of the application. Creating something delightful that engages users and makes them visit your application again and again. Adding animations into your interface can be one of the best ways to attract users to your app. All animations will drive up the development cost but is a worthy investment for sure since this will help you in increasing the number of users on your app.

At Capocode, we have our team of designers that come up with the creatives and designs. This way we ensure to create an efficient application that can help to reach your targeted audience.

Third-Party App Integration

Applications are comprised of multiple features which also include features that are integrated from external sources. An application developed with standard features will be integrated with third-party app features that will take additional time and cost. For instance, integration of a payment gateway in E-commerce, GPS in location-based apps, Sharing widgets in social media, etc., are some of the examples of third-party app integrations. These will require additional efforts and time for development. One of the best ways to minimize costs in the beginning is by releasing an MVP of the application during the first release and then adding the external-app integration features in the later updates. Releasing an MVP can help you in better understanding the user behavior of your application. This way you can plan ahead and make an optimized strategy based on the feedback received.



There are also factors like localization that will also add to the development cost of the application. Hence the number of markets you choose to launch your application will factor in the cost. Based on the region you will choose, the language and app store requirements will also change.

Along with this, you should plan for some post-launch resources that can help you add regions, which is known as internationalization. It will help you in increasing your market rapidly and get quick feedback from the users.

Let’s Discuss Your Idea

With all this, we ensure to provide an accurate statement on how much it will cost to make an app and make sure to use the best development practices that can optimize the development cost and time. We will first have a strategy session together and then give you an estimate of the cost. After this, we will discuss further to build a roadmap for the development phase.


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